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Meite Kodo

Films icon  Nov 5, 2017 at 2:30 pm
EstDocs Film Festival 2017, Toronto

Director Meelika Lehola, Daniel Picon
Year 2016
Country Estonia
Length 10 minutes
Year 2016
Website www.facebook.com
Language Estonian with English subtitles


Kihnu is a well-known island among Estonians, partly for its inhabitants’ sense of strong community, their own dialect called Kihnu Keel and other traditions. Lying off Estonia’s Baltic coast, this small island is home to a community of 600 people whose cultural expressions and agricultural traditions have been kept alive over the centuries mostly by the island’s female population. Kihnu is now facing a decreasing population, which can be a factor of lack of job opportunities or centralization to the bigger cities.


Film jälgib kolme 346 elanikuga Kihnu saarel elavat naist, kes annavad endast kõik, et mitte kaotada usku ning püüavad päästa oma kodusaart väljasuremisest.


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