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Unheard stories from Estonia.

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EstDocs — an Estonian film festival in Toronto.

For over 15 years, we have showcased both professional and amateur films covering the Baltic nation of Estonia.

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EstDocs is an annual event hosted by Estonians living in Canada, presenting a juried competition of documentary films. This is accompanied by a lively and enjoyable short film competition where anyone can take part. At times, when we discover interesting directors or themes, we also offer feature long-form movies.

So far, we have showcased 47 documentaries and films, and 125 shorts produced by both professionals and our enthusiastic amateur audiences. Through this universal medium of film, we intend to entertain, challenge and provoke by introducing a new Estonian generation's approach to cinema.

Estonia is a land where stories and dreams and many forms of art, including music, song and film, take flight as they capture the spirit of our very ancient yet surprisingly modern culture. Since regaining its independence after the Soviet Occupation, year by year, Estonian films are becoming more widely recognized around the world thanks to our excellent calibre of filmmakers and events such as EstDocs, the Estonian Documentary Film Festival.

Toomas Hendrik Ilves
Former President of the Republic of Estonia, 2015


We started in 2004. Drawing on filmmakers of Estonian descent from all over the world, and non-Estonians who make films about Estonia or Estonians, the documentary film festival always proves to be an opportunity to share in a little Estonian culture right here in Canada. We are proud to regularly feature top documentary filmmaking talent from around the world.


The EstDocs mission is to provide a 360° perspective on Estonian history, politics, arts, culture, and social aspects.

Our Team

Management Team

EstDocs is organized through a small team that devotes its time to each event every year.

Maimu Mölder Festival Director, Founder
Lembitu Ristsoo Finance Director
Viive Tork Hiis Operations Director
Kalli Paakspuu Program Director
Maret Jaks Communications
Johanna Helin Programming
Keltie Thomas Short Films, Programming
Rein Ende Technical
Jaak Järve Jury Consultants
Reet Mae Jury Consultants
Mikhael Ranniste Ad Sales
Shashank Tripathi Design, Digital


Our thanks go to all the many volunteers for their contributions in making EstDocs an annual cinematic experience for audiences... and to our generous sponsors and funders, as Estonians say: “respekt!”

Aleksa Del Castillo
Andrea Hermann
Kariina Järve
Kai Kiilaspea
Kaarin Lupp
Kristina Märtin
Christina Prozes
Anita Saar
Markus Doughty
Kristi Sau Doughty
Äret Pea
Liis Truuvert
Ad Sales
Margus Jukkum
Tauno Mölder
Helena Doughty
Kaja Telmet
Kai Kiilaspea
Nicholas Jones
Zoe Dirse

Sponsors over the Years

The generosity of these institutions has made our EstDocs events possible—

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