EstDocs 11<sup>th</sup> Short Film Competition 2019

EstDocs 11th Short Film Competition 2019

October 25, 2019

Are you Estonian? Then ask a friend to do a short film about you. Or bring out your photo album and share how your family came to Canada. There are all sorts of things you, your children, or even your grandchildren can pack into a video of under 7-minutes!

Submissions Deadline

October 1, 2019

Festival Director

Not yet assigned

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Our popular Short Film Competition is back for the 16th time in 2019. We welcome films from both professionals and aspiring filmmakers. The EstDocs Short Film Competition welcomes any short film as long as it has some connection to Estonia (or to an Estonian!).

We encourage you to use your imagination. It's about having fun and sharing your insights or funny experiences or family history or whatever statement or observation you wish to make. Whether you live in Estonia, have visited it, or live as far away as Australia or Japan, we're ready for your films! (And, yes, we've had submissions from Japan, too.)

Past competition submissions and winners can be viewed on our YouTube Channel, or our Short Films page here. Entrants may submit films by mail or by electronic means by the 1st of October, 2019.

Select submissions chosen by independent jury will be screened in Estonia during the festival. Our prize pot this year is CAD 2,800. Don't forget to read the submissions guide below and get cracking on creating your film!

Please feel free to write to us with any questions.

Not yet assigned

July 25, 2019



This year's award pot is CAD 2,800. Generally, the Professional category winner receives CAD 1,000, the Amateur category amount is selected by Tartu College, and an additional Audience award winner receives CAD 300. Depending on the quality of the submissions, the jury reserves the right to limit the number of prizes.

Submission Guidelines


The EstDocs Short Film Competition welcomes short documentary films, live action or animated, with any content and in any style, provided that: a) the film has some connection to Estonia or Estonians; b) the film is a documentary or docudrama.

Film Length

Entries must be 7 minutes or under in length, plus up to 15 seconds for credits.


Entries may not be, and may not have been, screened anywhere prior to October 19, 2019.


Submissions must be received, at the latest, by October 1, 2019. Note that this cannot be the postmarked date, but the actual received by date. No exceptions.


Categories are currently listed as Amateur and Professional. The independent jury has the discretion to create or eliminate award categories. Festival organizers and/or the jury reserve the right to assign submitted films to any category deemed appropriate.

Submission Video Format

Any common delivery format and container can be used, but DVD, Blu-ray or H.264 codec in MP4 container is preferred. The submitter must ensure that the film is accessible to EstDocs by the deadline. All entries must be accompanied by a completed submission form. Once a film is submitted, it cannot be withdrawn from competition. No submission materials will be returned.


Subtitling of non-English language films in English is mandatory. We want your film to enjoy as wide an audience in Canada as possible.

Copyright / IP

By submitting to the EstDocs Short Film Competition, the submitter expressly acknowledges that he or she owns all the rights in the film and grants nonexclusive, all media rights howsoever transmitted, in perpetuity, in the world, to EstDocs to exploit the submitted film.

Content Quality

EstDocs is open-minded but does not program porn or gratuitous violence. Such submissions will be disqualified. EstDocs seldom programs films that would receive an 18A or R rating if shown in a regular Ontario film theatre. Submissions that fit this description may be disqualified.

EstDocs Jury

David How

David Immigrated to Canada in 1957, and in 1967 he studied Film and Design at the Guildford School of Art, Surrey. While still a student, he worked on the Beatles ‘Yellow Submarine’. Returning to Canada to attend Sheridan College’s Design and Animation program, David was in the first graduating class 1969. After completing a postgraduate year in 1970 as an Animation Specialist, he worked as an animator on Sesame Street and dozens of commercials and productions. In 1982 as Creative Director at Omnibus Computer Animation (Toronto, New York and Los Angeles), David worked on ‘Search for Spock’ with Leonard Nimoy and a wide variety of commercials, network I.D.’s and international projects. For 25 years David operated his own studio where he won directing awards with the Art Directors Club of Toronto as well as a Gold Telly award in the US. He worked in the live and animation industry until 1996, when he became a professor at Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario. David has consulted with leading games and production companies in Boston and run international classes in film production in Canada and abroad. He is presently writing a book on animation and film production.

James Crowe

For 43 years , cameraman James Crowe has shot material in several disciplines; from drama to documentaries, commercials, sporting events, publicity and news. During that time, he has also taught cinematography at York University and Niagara College. He has also served on several advisory boards and has been elected to film union executive boards. He is currently an Associate member of the C.S.C, ACCT and IATSE 667. His credits are listed on IMDB under James Crowe II. (Photograph courtesy of Paul Ornstein.)

Kaisa Kasekamp

Kaisa Kasekamp

Animator, Filmmaker

All her life, meaning the past 16 years, Kaisa has loved taking pictures and making films. She started with animations in primary school and has moved up to making short documentaries. Last year she received "Up and Coming Film-maker Award" at EstDocs for her film on Canadians tasting Estonian Candies. Kaisa's background is both Estonian and Finnish. She moved to Toronto from Estonia only two years ago and now attends Harbord CI where one of her favourite subject is media arts.

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