EstDocs Film Festival Toronto

Friday, October 19, 12:45 PM at Bloor Hot Docs

DIRECTORS | Andres Sööt, 511 Best Photographs from Mars, St. John’s Day
Mark Soosaar, Lasnamäe and Time
TOTAL LENGTH | 56 minutes
Estonian with English Subtitles

511 Best Photographs from Mars (1968)
Estonian film makers had a delicious sense of humor even back in the occupation days, and exhibit number one is this droll look at the ladies and their gentlemen at tea in city cafeterias where the condiments included milk, lemon, and airs. Director Andres Sööt ’s sparkling music track includes the Beatles, Chuck Berry, Handel, and Strauss.Come and join us as we explore 3 other great shorts St. John’s Day (1978), Time (1983) and Lasnamäe (1985) which are likely to make you smile and shake your head all at the same time. Digitally remastered.


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