EstDocs Film Festival Toronto

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Saturday, October 20, 4:30 PM at Bloor Hot Docs

Monday, October 22, 7:00 PM at Ehatare

DIRECTOR | Helga Merits
YEAR | 2018
LENGTH | 52 minutes
English, estonian with English subtitles

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What does it mean to leave your loved ones, everything, and everyone you know behind, because war breaks out in your country and your family is in danger? Filmmaker Helga Merits (Class of 1943, The Story of the Baltic University) explores this as she chronicles the lives of some 4000 refugees, including their siblings and parents, who fled from Estonia in 1944. According to one interviewee, nobody wanted them. They ended up in Geislingen, a refugee camp in Germany, which became a small Estonia with schools, workshops, post office, hospital, newspaper, theatre, orchestra, and choirs. Their struggle to cope, overcome their circumstances, and build a positive future draws strong parallels with the refugee crisis in Europe today and provides hope and inspiration.

Mis tunne on jätta maha oma lähedased ja kõik vana, sest alanud on sõda ning sinu pere on ohus? Helga Merits on teinud palju uurimistööd 4000 sõjapõgeniku, sealhulgas tema perekonna kohta, kes lahkusid Eestist 1944. aastal. Pagulased maandusid Geislingenis, põgenikelaagris Saksamaal, millest kujunes välja väike Eesti oma koolide, töökodade, postkontori, haigla, ajaleheagentuuri, teatri, orkestri ja kooridega. Nende püüd toime tulla, üle saada raskustest ning luua positiivne tulevik toob välja paralleele praegu kõneainet pakkuva põgenikekriisiga Euroopas.

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