Bridges of Time

Bridges of Time

Films icon  Nov 09, 2019 — 7:30 pm
15th Annual Film Festival 2019, Toronto

Director Audrius Stonys, Kristine Briede
Year 2018
Country Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia
Length 78 minutes
Producer VFS Films (Latvia), Studio Nominum (Lithuania), Vesilind (Estonia)
Website / IMDB
Language Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Hebrew, Russian


At the beginning of the 1960s, when the French pioneers of cinéma vérité set out to achieve a new realism, and when direct cinema in Québec began to vie for notice, the Baltics witnessed the birth of a generation of documentarists who favored a more romantic view of the world around them. This meditative documentary essay – from a Latvian writer and Lithuanian director whose composed touch has long dovetailed with the stylistically diverse works of the Baltic New Wave – pushes adroitly past the limits of the common historiographic investigation to create a portrait of less-clearly remembered filmmakers. The result is a consummate poetic treatment of the ontology of documentary creation. Or a cinematic poem about cinema poets.


Meditatiivne dokumentaalessee portreteerib Balti uue laine dokumentalistide põlvkon-da. Režissöörid Audrius Stonys ja Kristīstine Briede on saavutanud hämmastavalt ajas- tutruuatmosfääri, mis edastab samasugust sooja inimlikku ja lüürilist tunnetust nagu filmi kangelaste teosed möödunud sajandi 60nda- tel ja 70ndatel. Eesti autoritest on filmis esin- datud Andres Sööt ja Mark Soosaar.


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