EstDocs Film Festival Toronto

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Filmmakers have until June 8, 2019 to submit. Click on the information and pencil icons to view the guidelines, awards, and submission forms.
Short Film Competition “My Estonia in 100 seconds/ 100 sekundit MINU Eestit” will be held in celebration of EV100. Films are accepted from both professionals and aspiring filmmakers. The EstDocs Short Film Competition welcomes any 100-second short films as long as they have some connection to Estonia. Through film people are to show what “Estonia” means to them whether they are in Australia, USA, Canada, Europe or anywhere else.


Maximum 100 seconds + Credits Maximum 15 Seconds

Content & Style

  • “Live action”, animation, documentary, docudrama, etc
  • Subject or theme must be connected to Estonia or Estonians


  • Amateurs
  • Professionals
The Professional and The Amateur Category winners are chosen by the independent jury(s). The independent jury has the discretion to create or eliminate award categories. Festival organizers and/or the jury reserve the right to assign submitted films to any category deemed appropriate.


Any common delivery format and container can be used, but DVD, Blu-ray or H.264 codec in MP4 container is preferred. No submission materials will be returned.

Due Date

To be received in Toronto no later than June 8, 2019


Total prize pot is €2000. The jury(s) reserve the right to limit the number of prizes (or not award any prizes at all), depending on the quality of the submissions.

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