EstDocs Film Festival Toronto

Our Mission

The Estonian Documentary Film Festival in Toronto is a juried competition featuring documentary talent from Estonia and around the world. Our mission is to provide a 360° perspective on the arts, politics and Estonian culture. EstDocs intends to entertain, challenge and provoke by introducing a new Estonian generation approach to cinema.

Estonia is a land where stories and dreams and many forms of art, including music, song and film, take flight as they capture the spirit of our very ancient yet surprisingly modern culture. Since regaining its independence after the Soviet Occupation, year by year, Estonian films are becoming more widely recognized around the world thanks to our excellent calibre of filmmakers and events such as EstDocs, the Estonian Documentary Film Festival.
Toomas Hendrik Ilves

EstDocs is presented by Tartu College, whose mandate is to study and promote culture through the literature, music and art of minority nationalities in Canada, particularly those of the Baltics.